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mercredi 17 octobre 2007

Slater Dust

Slater Steels owns a steel plant in Sorel-Tracy
by the name of Les Forges de Sorel, a maker
of special alloyed steels often used by the nuclear
industry, makers of tools and surgical instruments.
This material comes from the anti-pollution
system of the steel melting department.
Slater Dust has the following general analysis :

SiO2 5.21%
Fe2O3 46.95
CaO 10.85
MgO 2.91
ZnO 30.68
PbO 3.39
Also small amounts of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, cadmium,
and manganese.

A possible substitution for 1% of this stuff is as follows :

Dolomite .135
Whiting .120
Lead bisilicate .052
Zinc oxide (calc.) .310
Silica .034
Red Iron Oxide .470
Total 1.121

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